What were the prejudice in the minds of poor man and rich man?

QuestionsWhat were the prejudice in the minds of poor man and rich man?
Prajna.R.Kiran asked 7 years ago

Mention the prejudice present in the minds of the poor and the rich against one another as presented by James Patrick Kinney in his poem The Cold Within.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

In Kinney’s poem ‘The Cold Within’ the poor has prejudice against the rich. He thinks that the rich are idle and he should not use his log to warm the idle rich.
Again, the rich man is similarly prejudiced against the poor. He thinks that the poor are lazy and shiftless. So he is concerned with how to keep his wealth safe from the poor.
Here, the rich man and the poor man are representative of the entire society. In general all poor and rich people are thus prejudiced against one another.

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Divyanshi Gupta answered 4 years ago

Poor man –
The poor man thought why ‘his’ log should be put to use to warm the lazy rich people who are nothing without the labour of the poor and thus, he did not give up his log of wood. Hence he had the prejudice of bitterness and envy in his mind and heart for the rich.

Rich man –
The rich man thought that he had worked so hard for collecting all the money he had in store and how he could save it from the eyes of the lazy and shiftless (without any aim) poor. Thus, he too did not give up his log. The prejudice in his mind was greed and stinginess for the poor.

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