Give a character sketch of the doctor’s wife Yecko-san.

QuestionsGive a character sketch of the doctor’s wife Yecko-san.
Harsh gautam asked 7 years ago

Comment on the character traits of Yecko-san, the doctor’s wife in Vikram Seth’s poem ‘A Doctor’s journal entry for august 6,1945’.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The narrator’s wife, Yecko-san is rather a minor character in the poem ‘A Doctor’s Journal Entry’. She is mentioned only twice in the entire poem. But still, that gives glimpses of her character traits.

At first, she is seen to emerge ‘pale, bloodstained, frightened’ at the call of the doctor. She is rather a common woman who is in pain and shock after the explosion. Then, when they were on the way to the hospital and the doctor could not walk more, she went ahead but reluctantly.

I said
To Yecko-san she must go on ahead.
She did not wish to, but in our distress
What choice had we?

This shows two qualities of her character. She was caring to her husband and did not wish to go ahead alone leaving him on the way. But, she was not prejudiced or foolish. So, she went ahead finally having no other choice.

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