Why choose a doctor for the ‘journal’?

QuestionsWhy choose a doctor for the ‘journal’?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Why is the main character a doctor and not anyone else in Vikram Seth’s poem ‘A Doctor’s Journal Entry for August 6, 1945’?

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 2 years ago

The poet has described everything and narrated every happenings from a doctor’s point of view. May be, this is because he wanted a narrator who is a learned person, can realize the need of the situations promptly and handle minor injuries. But it was actually a destructive atomic explosion. Even then, the doctor had the sense to identify Magnesium flares, and go to the hospital without delay. Probably a common man couldn’t handle all these well and even could not narrate the events. That would seem very awkward in that case. This is why the doctor’s character is chosen.

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