Explain: bridal laughter and bridal tear. What have they been compared with?

QuestionsExplain: bridal laughter and bridal tear. What have they been compared with?
Shubham Vishwakarma asked 7 years ago

What do you understand by the phrase “bridal laughter and bridal tear”? What have they been compared with in Sarojini Naidu’s poem ‘The Bangle Sellers’?

Or, The poet has compared the bangles of the Indian bride to her laughter as well as her tears. Why?

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2 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago

Marriage is probably the most important event in a girl’s life. This is the transition from a girl to a woman. And this transition is most coveted in a young maiden’s mind. But when the transition finally comes to her life, her mind is full of emotions.

On one hand she is getting what she desired so much. The passion of a newly made relation fills her mind. This is the bridal laughter, the joy of starting a new life with her husband. On the other hand, she has tears in her eyes as she is sad to leave her parents and other relatives in her family. Moreover, she might be somewhat doubtful and worried of her new life. Her mind is full of mixed emotions at this transition.

Now, the poet has compared her bridal laughter and bridal tear with the tinkling, luminous, tender and clear bangles which seem to express her joy and sorrow well.

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Amishi answered 7 years ago

Bridal laughter means the joy of starting a new life with her husband while bridal tear means sorrow of separation from her parents.

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