Why were the arms of the people stretched out?

QuestionsWhy were the arms of the people stretched out?
Adarah asked 3 years ago

In the poem A Doctors Journal entry for august 6 1945 by Vikram Seth, the narrator saw some people with their ‘arms stretched straight out’. Why were they so?

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Azazle answered 3 years ago

It was because the friction on the burns caused the people so much pain that they were afraid to chafe (rub) flesh against flesh.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 3 years ago

The narrator in the poem has mentioned that while describing the after-effects of the atomic explosion of Hiroshima. So, it might be a kind of deformity that some people received due to the explosion.

Edit: I think Azazle’s answer is more correct here.

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krishna answered 2 years ago

The people stretched their arms because they feared their burned skin rubbing against the flesh would cause pain.

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