What’s the message or lesson of the poem I Believe?

QuestionsWhat’s the message or lesson of the poem I Believe?
Moksha asked 7 years ago

Write in brief the lesson behind the poem ‘I Believe’ by Brucellish K Sangma. / What’s the message of the poem?

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2 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago

The poem I Believe is a very inspiring and motivating poem. All the first five stanzas of the poem begin with the expression “I believe” and the last stanza with “But I firmly believe”. This very expression strikes the positive keynote of the poem. The poet Sangma motivates the readers with her ideas, and makes us believe that we really can do wonders, if we wish to.

So, the message? Believe in yourself; you can do wonders. Dream bigger but act on the present. Stay focused on what you do.

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Manav Shah answered 7 years ago

The message conveyed by ‘I believe’ is that we can dream big and achieve it however hard it may seem. The Garo poetess Brucellish K. Sangma wants us to venture into an unexplored world of mysteries and wants us to achieve success in it. Each one of us who has the will power possesses innumerable good qualities in order to get success in life. The poetess can delve right into the depths, reach the highest limit of achievements and adorn herself with precious gem-like qualities like confidence, self-esteem and many more. The poetess inspires us to have faith in ourselves and have the right attitude to face the obstacles in life in order to achieve success.

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