How does the professor play the role of middle class?

QuestionsHow does the professor play the role of middle class?
Sourashish Patra asked 7 years ago

How does the professor in Nissim Ezekiel’s poem The Professor play the role of a middle class person?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The professor in the poem is a representative of the middle class mentality and stereotypes that are present not only in the Indian society, but also in many countries over the world.

The poet has ironically shown how people tend to think and speak in a middle class society. Money is more valuable to them than academic excellence or moral values. They try to show them as superior by speaking foreign languages like English even when they are not good at it.

The middle class mentality of talking much about personal health and joking about others’ health, talking about age and expressing wish to live longer or hypocrisy of accepting all changes without actually changing themselves — are all present in the professor’s character.

There are things like matching names for children, thinking that girls are born to get married etc. that too contribute to the successful characterisation of the professor, a middle class old man.


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