What does “my little horse” suggest in Stopping by Woods?

QuestionsWhat does “my little horse” suggest in Stopping by Woods?
Anonymous asked 8 years ago

Why does the narrator call his horse “my little horse” in the poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost? What might be the logic here?

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2 Answers
Srikanta Panda answered 5 years ago

Actually as the poet is well connected with his horse affectionately. When he calls “my little horses” he is very simple and sober. As the horse is sub human, it has ordinary feelings but no intellectual feeling like the poet has.

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Staff answered 8 years ago

Actually no one can be sure about why the narrator calls his horse “my little horse”. The horse may be very dear to him or may be the horse is a little one in the literal sense, i.e., a pony. It may also suggest that the speaker is a humble and ordinary citizen and cannot afford to buy an expensive horse.

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