Justify the title of the short story “The Angel in Disguise” by T S Arthur.

QuestionsJustify the title of the short story “The Angel in Disguise” by T S Arthur.
Pritam Sarkar asked 6 years ago

Comment on the appropriateness of the title of the short story ‘The Angel in Disguise’ by T.S.Arthur.

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Staff answered 6 years ago

Arthur’s story “An Angel in Disguise” is all about a little crippled orphan girl called Maggie and how she brought back joy and happiness to the childless Thompson family. Though she was a sick, helpless, and miserable child at the beginning of the story, in the end she filled the lives of Joe and Jane Thompson with the “sunshine of love”. Maggie turned out to be an angel in disguise for the Thompson family. 
Again, When the girl was unattended after her mother’s death and was in a sad state, Joe Thompson reached to her as an angel in disguise, took her to his home and gave her a completely new life. 
From both angles, the title is symbolic and suggestive of the theme of the story. Thus, the title of the story “An Angel in Disguise” is just and apt.

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Rimi answered 3 years ago

The story ‘Angel in Disguise’ mainly revolves around how Maggie, a bedridden child was welcomed by Thompson couple, and brought a blessed change in their house.

Joe Thompson, who was a compassionate man, felt it cruel to leave Maggie alone after her mother’s death. He decided to take her home, though he feared that his wife would not like it. Hence, he acted as an angel who accepted Maggie in spite of the fact that she was invalid.

Joe’s wife, after initial inhibitions, grew fond of Maggie, and the thought of sending her to the poorhouse never crept into her mind again. Maggie transformed Jane from an ill-tempered, irritable woman to a loving person. Hence, Maggie too acted as an angel in transforming the character of Jane, and making their house a sunshine of love.

Thus, “An Angel in Disguise” in itself proves to be the most appropriate title for the story.

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