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In Jame Patrick Kinney’s poem ‘The Cold Within’ why did the third man not share his log to keep the fire burning? Or, Why does the third one give his coat a hitch?

Last updated May 7, 2021

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Why did none of the characters in the poem “The Cold Within” share their wood? Or, What role did prejudice, discrimination, racism and envy play in the poem?

Last updated January 22, 2021

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What killed the six ‘humans’, as stated towards the end of James Patrick Kinney’s poem ‘The Cold Within’?

Last updated January 22, 2021

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In James Patrick Kinney’s poem The cold within, what does the poet mean by “They died from the cold within”? Or, Justify the title of the poem.

Last updated January 21, 2021

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Which man in the gathering was an opportunist in James Kinney’s poem The Cold Within? How do we know that?

Last updated October 29, 2020

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Are the dying fire and the logs of wood symbolic in the poem The Cold Within by James Patrick Kinney?

Last updated September 28, 2020

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Mention the prejudice present in the minds of the poor and the rich against one another as presented by James Patrick Kinney in his poem The Cold Within.

Last updated September 5, 2020

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Do you think that all the six people in James Patrick Kinney’s poem The cold within were unaware of the consequences of their discrimination?

Last updated August 24, 2020

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What is called  a ‘proof of human sin’ in the poem The Cold Within by James Patrick Kinney?

Last updated August 13, 2020

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Who were the people referred to in the poem The Cold Within by James Patrick Kinney? Bring out their characteristics.

Last updated February 9, 2020

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