How does the poem ‘Enterprise’ symbolize different stages of man’s life?

QuestionsHow does the poem ‘Enterprise’ symbolize different stages of man’s life?
megha asked 7 years ago

Nissim Ezekiel’s poem ‘Enterprise’ symbolizes various stages of a man’s life on this earth. Explain.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Nissim Ezekiel’s poem ‘Enterprise’ represents the journey of our life through the metaphor of a pilgrimage. In the poem, we see the pilgrims start on a positive note full of enthusiasm. But gradually they face a lot of obstacles throughout their journey. When they finally reached their destination, they could not understand if it was really worth it to take such a strenuous venture. 
Through this pilgrimage, the poet shows various stages of our life on earth. Sometimes we face hardships of nature. At other times, we face man-made disasters. The pilgrims spent a lot of time and energy in the humdrum aspects of life, forgetting their actual aim. In our life too, times come when we do indulge in similar things. 
At one stage, the pilgrims were divided in their opinions over petty issues. This is also very common in our life. We very often forget the real aim of our life and become more egoistic. At another phase, they were attacked by external forces and losing their hopes. Then they were deprived of common needs like soap. They were exhausted by walking a long distance. Some broke down on the way and others bent. 
When they finally reached the place, they found the trouble of the journey to be unworthy. They were disappointed by the fact that it was neither great nor a rare achievement. This is also very similar to a situation at the end point of our life’s journey when we realize that we have achieved very little of what we had originally aimed at. Thus, the poet has successfully presented various phases and situations of human life.

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