Describe the challenges faced by the pilgrims at every stage in Enterprise.

QuestionsDescribe the challenges faced by the pilgrims at every stage in Enterprise.
megha asked 7 years ago

Give an account of the hardships and conflicts that the pilgrims had to face in various stages of their journey in Nissim Ezekiel’s poem ‘Enterprise’.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The pilgrims in Ezekiel’s poem ‘Enterprise’ faced a lot of obstacles throughout the entire journey. Though they started in high spirits, the second stage brought the challenges of nature. The sun beat down to match their rage. However, it could not pose a real threat to them. 
The setback occurred when differences in opinion arose on petty issues like ‘how to cross a desert patch’. The group lost a friend who was a good prose writer. When the intellectual man needed to hold the group together, he himself chose the other way round. As he left the team, a shadow fell on them. They did not recover from it till the end. 
In the next phase, they were attacked twice by external forces and lost their way. The group was struggling to hold everyone together once again. A section of them claimed its liberty to leave the group. Probably they were unhappy with the leadership. So, the disagreement continues.
Then comes the stage of fatigue, deprivation and reluctance to move forward. Some broke down on the way and others merely bent. This is how the pilgrims finally reached the place to end a troublesome journey.

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