Significance of ‘Asian dirt’ in Small Pain in My Chest

QuestionsSignificance of ‘Asian dirt’ in Small Pain in My Chest
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

What does ‘Asian dirt’ suggest? Does it have any special significance/ historical relevance in the poem?

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3 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago

‘Asian dirt’ refers to the Vietnam War, given that it was published in 1983.
It’s interesting to note, some American magazines published the poem changing this to ‘southern dirt’ to refer to the US Civil War.

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Pravallika S. answered 7 years ago

The author is refering to the vietnam war, a prolonged struggle between national force of north vietnam atempting to unify the country of vietnam under acommunist government and the south vietnam it hep form the united states attempting to prevent the seperating of communism.

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Archita Dutta answered 6 years ago

‘Asian dirt’ refers to the battlefield in which the bloody battle, the prolonged struggle,the Vietnamese war was fought between the national forces of north Vietnam and south Vietnam supported by the United states. The poet refers to the place with contempt which showcases the hatred of the author for destruction caused by wars and its consequences.

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