Narrator’s feeling on the death of the soldier

QuestionsNarrator’s feeling on the death of the soldier
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

How does the narrator feel on the death of the soldier in Michael Mack’s poem Small Pain in My Chest?

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1 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago

The narrator’s feeling at the death of the soldier, in the last stanza, is probably the most important part of the poem. The narrator was very much grieved. He can’t even recall what happened exactly after the soldier’s death. But he thinks he must have cried. He put his arms around him and pulled him to his side. He held his body close to him. The narrator was shocked at heart. His “wound” was much larger than the soldier’s. The soldier’s injury was merely physical, but the narrator’s was at his heart. He felt the destructive power of war that is good for nothing and none.

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