How does the poem Nine Gold Medals show brotherhood?

QuestionsHow does the poem Nine Gold Medals show brotherhood?
Parth asked 3 weeks ago

How is the theme of brotherhood explored in the poem “Nine Gold Medals” by David Roth?

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 3 weeks ago

The story told in David Roth’s poem “Nine Gold Medals” revolves around a Special Olympics track-and-field event when an athlete fell on the ground during the race and the other participants stopped on their way and came back to rescue the fallen one. Subsequently, each of the nine athletes was awarded with a gold medal each.
This was a great display of sportsman-spirit, compassion, co-operation and fellow-feeling among the sportsmen. This incident tells us that helping out others in need is more glorious than winning a mere race. The athletes reminded us that the world now needs more cooperation and collaboration than competition. Developing the feeling of brotherhood among all the people is important for the good of humankind. And this is the message the poet wants to deliver through his poem.

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