How is “The Gift of India” both lament and pride for Mother India?

QuestionsHow is “The Gift of India” both lament and pride for Mother India?
Shivam asked 7 years ago

How does mother India express her feelings at the death of her sons in Sarojini Naidu’s poem ‘The Gift of India’?

Or, What is the state of mother india at the death of her offspring?

Or, How is the poem “The Gift of India” both lament and pride for Mother India?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Mother India is grieved at the death of her soldier sons in the war in foreign countries. She compares her sons who ‘lie with pale brows and brave, broken hands’ in foreign lands to ‘blossoms mown down by chance’. She loves her offspring so much as every mother does and that is why she is so grieved now at their ill fate. She asks —

Can ye measure the grief of the tears I weep
Or compass the woe of the watch I keep?
Or the pride that thrills thro’ my heart’s despair
And the hope that comforts the anguish of prayer?

The mother’s sorrows and sufferings are unfathomable. But she is not only sad, but also proud and hopeful for her sons. We cannot measure the pride that thrills through her heart, in spite of her despair. The poet suggests that the speaker, despite her sadness and deep rooted anguish, is proud of her sons who have fought bravely and brought victory. She gives expression to the voices of countless Indian mothers whose sons have fought in the war. The poet says that the people of the warring nations can never comprehend the small hope that comforts these mothers from the pain of praying for their sons’ safety.

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Aman Singh answered 5 years ago

In the poem The Gift of India the lament which Mother India has is that her brave sons, the soldiers, went to the war and died like pearls on the other country and scattered like shells on foreign land. The mother asks whether the grief and tears which she has for her brave sons can be measured by anyone. And the pride which mother India has is for the bravery of her sons who fought with their heads held high and brought victory and for the sacrifice they did for other nations.

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