“The Gift of India” is a patriotic poem. It describes the sacrifice of India for British cause. Explain.

Questions“The Gift of India” is a patriotic poem. It describes the sacrifice of India for British cause. Explain.
lovesh asked 3 years ago

Sarojini Naidu’s poem “The Gift of India” is a patriotic poem depicting India’s sacrifice for the British cause. Comment.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 3 years ago

Sarojini Naidu has always tried to arouse a sense of pride and patriotism in the hearts of her countrymen through her poems. In the present poem “The Gift of India”, the poetess reminds the world of India’s gifts to the colonial forces that ruled it.

In the poem, Mother India herself proclaims proudly her gifts to the west. The first stanza introduces the various gifts India has bestowed upon the colonisers, which include both its riches and people. The second stanza focuses more on the wistful state of martyred Indian soldiers. The third stanza talks of the grief those deaths have brought to Mother India. And finally, the fourth stanza is a sort of appeal to honour the sacrifices of the Indian soldiers for the cause of the war, rather for the British cause. So thematically, the poem is highly patriotic.

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Narayani Dutt Pandey answered 1 month ago

The Gift of India is a patriotic poem penned down by the patriotic woman of India Sarojini Naidu. In this poem she describes how and what Mother India had sacrificed for others, i.e., her brave sons whom she sent to different parts of the world to fight a war with the ones with whom they had no immediate conflict and with whom they never met before and her brave sons never refused to do so as they just wanted to protect the name and fame of their mother land India. In this poem Sarojini Naidu describes what all mother India has given to the foreign land — from the basic needs of living to the lives of her own sons, and in return she only had remorse of the death of her sons. She tells us how her sons are lying in foreign lands with brave and broken limbs and how they can’t even get the pride to be buried in the lap of their motherland. Sarojini Naidu gives a clear description about the losses India had to bear because of Britain and she also depicts the most destructive effects of war.

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