Do you agree that “Hunger” is the real problem of millions of Indians? Justify your answer.

QuestionsDo you agree that “Hunger” is the real problem of millions of Indians? Justify your answer.
Manisha Kumari asked 7 years ago

Do you think that Hunger is the real problem of the Indians? Discuss this in the context of the story Hunger by Nasira Sharma.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

After reading the story Hunger by Nasira Sharma, one gets the impression that hunger is the real problem for millions of Indians. The story revolves around the two characters Kasim and Rizwan.

Rizwan is out there to find a man for interviewing for a local newspaper. He manages to get Kasim, a rag-seller on the way and thinks that he would serve the purpose. Then he starts asking his name, where he lives, what he does, how much he earns, his future plan and so on. And his interview reveals not only Kasim’s poverty, but also his ignorance and lack of ambition for a better life. Kasim earns only five hundred rupees a month and has no permanent home. His father relied only on physical labour for a living.

When Rizwan suggests Kasim getting helps from the government in the form of a field for cultivation or a bank loan for starting up a new business, he is not interested at all. Kasim even wants to get his four-year old son into his work the next year. He does not find any gain in sending his son to a school.

He also reveals his fear of getting deceived as a reason behind his lack of interest in the promise of a better living. He has been cheated before and remained unfed after shouting slogans all day for the leaders. Now the only thing Kasim wants is to continue with his present business that earns him a bare living. So he doesn’t wait longer inspite of Rizwan’s repeated requests. When Rizwan asks for his address, he says he has no address. He goes away as he has to earn the day’s living and cannot afford to stand there for long.

Now the story turns towards Rizwan and we come to know that he has not eaten anything since the morning. His father had died two years back, his mother is ill and his brothers were forced to drop out of school for their poverty. Rizwan is now in search of a job and the Kihaan newspaper has promised him a post only after he submits five completed interviews with the names and addresses of the interviewees.

Reaching the newspaper office that evening he puts his own name and address on Kasim’s interview. Understandably Rizwan finds no difference between his and Kasim’s financial position. Their poverty and hunger have been the same in spite of his education that separates him from Kasim and gives him a better position in the society.

So, the story Hunger is all about the problems of poverty and hunger not only of India but millions of people worldwide, especially in the third world countries.

Though some would say that it’s Kasim’s ignorance and the conservative attitude that keeps him suffering, it’s true that the poverty alone has led to that ignorance and that attitude. If his hunger is first well addressed, he would certainly send his son to a school or even think of starting a business. And for Rizwan, he could use his learning in a better way and contribute to the nation’s cause if he had his basic needs fulfilled. So, it’s only fair to say that ‘hunger’ has been the real problem for millions of Indians.

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