The problems of hunger and poverty are common to all economies. Discuss this in relation to the story Hunger.

QuestionsThe problems of hunger and poverty are common to all economies. Discuss this in relation to the story Hunger.
shruthi asked 7 years ago

In the context of the story Hunger by Nasira Sharma, discuss that the problems of poverty and hunger are common to all economies.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Nasira Sharma in her story Hunger has depicted how poverty and hunger are so common in modern day economy. While Rizwan met Kasim on the street for an interview, Kasim’s poverty was clear. But towards the end of the story we find out that Rizwan is not in a better position either.

Unlike Kasim, a rag-seller, Rizwan was an educated man but still struggling to get a job. However, he somehow managed to get one in the Kihaan newspaper office, but it was still under consideration. He needed to submit five interviews first in order to finally get a post. But the story shows us how difficult it was for him to collect only one interview.

And even when he managed to get that, the interviewee, Kasim had no permanent address that he could write on the interview form. So, finally Rizwan decided to put his own name and address on the same, as he considered that there was no much difference between his and Kasim’s financial position. His father had died two years before, his mother was ill back home and his younger brothers had left school for poverty.

That is an indication to the larger problem of joblessness not only in the developing countries, but also in the developed ones. The problem is common to all economies.

Again, Kasim is a representative of the lower class society where there are several other obstacles leading to their poverty. They are neither educated, nor do have any faith in the same. Kasim was talking of putting his five-year old son into work. They don’t even have the willingness to do any better deviating from their regular course of conventional jobs that even don’t pay them enough to live a decent life.

Though Kasim earns only five hundred rupees a month from his rag-selling business, when Rizwan offers him support from the government in forms of land, bank loan or other help, he is not at all willing to get those. That is due to their ignorance and the fear of getting cheated as they have been earlier. These are only some of the areas the author could point out in the story. And those problems have been more or less common to all economies.

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