How the Prince of Morocco tried to show his capability?

QuestionsHow the Prince of Morocco tried to show his capability?
Mohammed Saheel asked 7 years ago

Explain in detail how the Prince of Morocco tried to show his capability in William Shakespeare’s play ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The Prince of Morocco appeared for the first time in Act II, Scene 1 of the play The Merchant of Venice. He was not ashamed of having black skin or not being good looking. He was rather confident and proud of the qualities he had. That was all with which he tried to convince Portia that he indeed deserved her. He spoke of his bravery, his riches, his manly nature and his victories that was enough to make him a top contender in the race of winning Portia’s hand.

And when it came to choosing the right casket, he was courageous enough to take the risk. He then went through the messages displayed on the boxes twice and analysed them in his own way. Finally he chose the gold casket being allured by the message: “He who chooses me will get what many men want.” Moreover, he thought it only to be fitting that the picture of a beautiful lady like Portia could only be held in gold, not in anything cheaper than that. The text on lead casket looked threatening to him and silver was ten times cheaper than gold, making it unworthy for a consideration.

However, though he misjudged it, showing the lack of wisdom, he was mentally strong enough to leave the place without making any complaint and accepting his fate.

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Akshat Maru answered 4 years ago

the answer is that:-
* Morocco would outstare the sternest eyes that look
* mock the lion when he roars for prey
* pluck the young sucking cubs from she-bear
* outbrave the heart of the most daring person on the earth

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Genevieve Fernandes answered 3 years ago

Morocco is proud of himself. He tells Portia that he is who he is, and not to judge him because of his color. He thinks himself to be “the shadowed livery of the burnished sun”. He compares himself to a burning hot sun. He is proud of himself that he has a different colored skin. He also says that even though his colour is different, his heart is big.

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