What were Muni’s desires and how were they fulfilled?

QuestionsWhat were Muni’s desires and how were they fulfilled?
Bharati Batra asked 6 years ago

What desires did Muni have or express in the story “A Horse and Two Goats” by R. K. Narayan? Were they fulfilled? How?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

The desire that Muni expressed to his wife was to have a sauce of drumsticks that he shook down from the tree. 

I have a craving to chew the drumsticks out of sauce. I tell you.

But this desire of his was apparently not fulfilled for the day, as he was not able to buy the necessary grocery items on credit from the shop. He only got the promise of a meal in the evening, that too, if he spent all the day fasting and grazing the goats.
Another desire that Muni had was to smoke a cigarette.

He had always wanted to smoke a cigarette; only once did the shop man give him one on credit, and he remembered how good it had tasted.

This time his wish was fulfilled when the American visitor offered him a smoke as a courtesy.
Now the greatest one was to sell his goats and to set up a small shop with that capital. This is a dream Muni had cherished for long.

…he had often dreamt how he would put up a thatched roof here, spread a gunny sack out on the ground, and display on it fried nuts, coloured sweets, and green coconut…

This dream of Muni was fulfilled in the end when the foreigner gave him one hundred rupees to buy the clay horse statue thinking that Muni owned it.
Did I miss anything? Please do add an answer below.

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amit answered 6 years ago

How do we know that Muni had built the shop at the end of the story

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tako answered 5 years ago

he didnt

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