How did sir Ralph hear the bell while dying?

QuestionsHow did sir Ralph hear the bell while dying?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

How was it possible that sir Ralph the Rover could hear the bell while dying in Robert Southey’s poem The Inchcape Rock?

Or, Describe the dying moment of Ralph.

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3 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago

Actually Sir Ralph was feeling guilty for his past  deeds at that moment. There was a feeling of regret for misguiding the ships and looting them after cutting down the bell from the Inchcape Rock. This regret mixed with the thought of the dreadful death made him suffer from a horrific hallucination. That is why he heard the bell ringing even when it was not really present in the scene.

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Harshith hs answered 7 years ago

Sir Ralph felt humiliated as he himself made him to die by cutting off inchcape bell and he feels that as he was hearing the sound of bell

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Akshat Bhatia answered 6 years ago

It was actually the church bells he was hearing,which the devil was ringing on his funeral.

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