Character sketch of Abbot of Aberbrothok in The Inchcape Rock.

QuestionsCharacter sketch of Abbot of Aberbrothok in The Inchcape Rock.
Saurabh asked 1 year ago

Give a character sketch of the good Abbot as seen in the poem The Inchcape Rock by Robert Southey.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 1 year ago

In the entire poem the poet has mentioned the name of the Abbot of Aberbrothok four times, but there is no such ‘sketching’ of his character. Indeed, the Abbot is not an active character in the poem with no speech from his side.
But yes, from the poet’s narration we come to know something about him. He was a very kind and good man who always wanted to help others in need. So, he tied the bell on the perilous Inchcape rock to alert the passing ships and save them. That was an act for which he received much admiration and blessings from the sailor as well as from the common people. In short, he achieved a permanent place in the heart of people by his virtuous deed.

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