The blue bead

The Blue Bead

by Norah Burke

What was the difference between the Gujar woman and Sibia?

QuestionsWhat was the difference between the Gujar woman and Sibia?
Mohd Amaan asked 4 years ago

What was the difference between the Gujar woman and Sibia in Norah Burke’s short story “The Blue Bead”?

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2 Answers
ANUPAM AJEY PRATAP SINGH answered 3 years ago

Sibia was a brave, courageous and adventurous girl but the Gujjars were not.
This is only the difference. Why making it so large?

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Sujoy Saha Staff answered 4 years ago

A beautiful contrast is well perceived between the Gujar woman and Sibia. The Gujar woman is mainly portrayed as a woman utterly helpless and passive when the crocodile attacked her. Not even the least daring and brave she was about to succumb to the crocodile had Sibia not appeared like a savior and hastened to relief her from the clutch of the crocodile.

In spite of being a member of the same community the Gujar woman was not brave enough like Sibia. Sibia appears in the story as a girl of hardihood, indomitable courage and will. She well understands her existential struggle. Even though she is a little girl, she is found fearless throughout the story. Her feeling for others makes her unsung hero of the story.

Soldier-like tenacity of the girl is really extraordinary. She appears out and out hard-working and adventurous girl of the Gujar community. She is the specimen of intractable will power, in sharp contrast to the Gujar woman.

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