What was the difference between the Gujar woman and Sibia?

QuestionsWhat was the difference between the Gujar woman and Sibia?
Mohd Amaan asked 3 years ago

What was the difference between the Gujar woman and Sibia in Norah Burke’s short story “The Blue Bead”?

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Sujoy Saha Staff answered 3 years ago

A beautiful contrast is well perceived between the Gujar woman and Sibia. The Gujar woman is mainly portrayed as a woman utterly helpless and passive when the crocodile attacked her. Not even the least daring and brave she was about to succumb to the crocodile had Sibia not appeared like a savior and hastened to relief her from the clutch of the crocodile.

In spite of being a member of the same community the Gujar woman was not brave enough like Sibia. Sibia appears in the story as a girl of hardihood, indomitable courage and will. She well understands her existential struggle. Even though she is a little girl, she is found fearless throughout the story. Her feeling for others makes her unsung hero of the story.

Soldier-like tenacity of the girl is really extraordinary. She appears out and out hard-working and adventurous girl of the Gujar community. She is the specimen of intractable will power, in sharp contrast to the Gujar woman.

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ANUPAM AJEY PRATAP SINGH answered 2 years ago

Sibia was a brave, courageous and adventurous girl but the Gujjars were not.
This is only the difference. Why making it so large?

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