How does the story “The Blue bead” depict the theme “where there is a will there is a way”?

QuestionsHow does the story “The Blue bead” depict the theme “where there is a will there is a way”?
Soham Singh asked 6 years ago

How does the story “The Blue bead” by Norah Burke depict the theme “where there is a will there is a way”?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

The story “The Blue Bead” is a perfect specimen of a short story where the underlying moral message runs parallel to the main thematic concern. The writer artistically projects the proverbial lesson “where there’s a will, there’s a way” through the character of Sibia. She is presented here as an embodiment of translator of dream through constant effort and single-minded focus.

The entire story may best be interpreted as Sibia’s coming-of-age story that rounds off with her sudden discovery of a blue bead to translate her dream of making a necklace into reality. Such functional appeal of the story is conveyed to us for bettering up our morale.

Sibia’s story enkindles within us vibrant energy to nurture and cultivate our innermost dream towards the path of accomplishment. Every precious moment in Sibia’s life is devoted to boundless adventurism and her very life is an example of indomitable courage.  Her existential struggle to carve for a bare living and her fervent dream get integrated through the writer’s unerring artistic fusion. Sibia’s daily routine is closely maintained with singleness of purpose from which she never deviates. Every moment she shows her unyielding spirit not to succumb to utter failure.

But now she came on wings, choosing her footing in mid-air without even thinking about it.

Her down-to-earth existence was not devoid of romantic inclination – she was thinking of wearing a necklace of her own making that ceaselessly induced her to toil hard. This is the unsung glory of Sibia’s will power by which she one day got a blue bead for her necklace. Her selfless saviour-like help to the woman at the risk of her life is, no doubt, another example of the triumph of her will power. And its sweet fruits she tasted and enlighteningly uttered the words –

Ai! Ai! What a day!

Our close study of such story leaves a lingering after-image “what a girl this is!” And this is how we can assess the writer’s emphasis on the moral subtext inherent in the story.

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