Describe the situation of the terminally ill patient.

QuestionsDescribe the situation of the terminally ill patient.
pragya asked 5 months ago

How was the condition of the terminally-ill patient depicted in Tony Hoagland’s poem “Why I Like the Hospital”?

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1 Answers
Staff answered 5 months ago

Tony Hoagland in his satirical poem “Why I Like the Hospital” has depicted the condition of a terminally ill patient very vividly. The said patient was a man in a lime-green dressing gown. He was bent down in a chair. The man lost all hope and was sure that he could no longer be saved. So, he was not pretending to be strong or not yelling at the doctors. He was not even making a murmured phone call to his wife. Rather, he was sobbing without shame. What else could he do? By crying, he was expressing his helplessness and rage.

Moreover, the man found none to solace him or to sympathize with him. In utter loneliness and despair, he was talking to himself ‘listening to every single word’.

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