The Sun Rising

The Sun Rising

by John Donne

The Sun Rising Themes

Theme of love

The central theme of John Donne’s famous poetry “the Sun Rising” is love. Here the poet shows the exclusiveness of his love. He rebukes the sun for disturbing them as they are enjoying love. Here he says that his mistress is superior to and more powerful than the sun.  Even he orders the sun to go away.  He also thinks that his mistress as well as his love is more important than the commoners like the schoolboy, court hunter and farmer. So, he orders the sun to call and to bother them. To highlight the importance of their love he draws image where his mistress is compared to all the states of all the kingdoms of the whole world. Only for his love he can be able to eclipse the sun. So, love is the main theme of the poem.


The poem is marked by the theme of community. It shows that we are the part of a community as well as nature. It is impossible to live individually. Here the poet wants to enjoy love alone with his lover but the sun pokes its nose into their love affair. The poem marks the poet’s annoyance for the sun’s interference. Though the poet warns the sun that their love is not the subject of the sun’s time table, he is unable to escape from the sun.


Though the main theme of the poem is love, it also points out the poet lover’s disappointment. The lover warns the sun to leave him alone so that he can spend more time with his mistress. He does not want to re-join the world with the sun rising. Actually, he wants to stop the motion of the sun. He does not want the night to end with the sun rising. But it is impossible. So, the poet lover’s disappointment is also reflected through the poem.

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