What song is the caged bird singing? Why?

QuestionsWhat song is the caged bird singing? Why?
Farnaz asked 2 years ago

I know why the caged bird sings.
Maya Angelou

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 2 years ago

The caged bird is singing a song of unknown things which he longs for. Freedom is the subject matter of his song.
He is singing this song to express his feelings and emotions, to stay motivated and also to inspire others.

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Kathy answered 1 year ago

The caged bird is singing of freedom. He has never experienced it, but longs for it nevertheless. He sings of his hopes and dreams that shall not come true as a result of his captivity.

The caged bird is singing this song to express his feelings. Singing is the caged bird’s only outlet of all his pent up rage.

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Adiba answered 11 months ago

The caged bird has no other way to express itself, but to sing with fearful trill. It sings of freedom, which can be heard on the distant hill. However, wings clipped and feet tied, the caged bird keeps singing of freedom.

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Sabu answered 10 months ago

The caged bird sings about freedom that it has never experienced. Its wings are clipped and feet tied. So its only hope of freedom is by singing about the freedom. The caged bird is alienated. It is not free. But it knows that it is made to fly and be free. Singing is its last ray of hope.

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