What happens to trees in four seasons according to the poet?

QuestionsWhat happens to trees in four seasons according to the poet?
Sudipta Roy Talukder asked 6 years ago

Explanation of what happens to trees in the four seasons as described in the poem The tree in Season by Robert Fisher.

Or, Write a summary of the poem “The Tree in Season”.

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Staff answered 6 years ago

The tree hums quietly to itself
a lullaby to the buds
bursting with baby leaves
its branches ride the winds
and in all its new green glory
the tree begins to sing.

According to the poet in ‘The Tree in Season’, in spring, the trees are quite happy and full of life. They seem to be humming a lullaby (a song to make the baby sleep) to the buds. The branches are full of green new-born leaves. The branches wave themselves in winds and makes a sound as if they are singing.

The tree stretches in the sun
it knows the birds that fly
the beasts that run,climb and jump
from its heavy loaded branches
it yawns and digs its roots
deep into the still center
of the spinning earth

Again, in summer, the trees are in the peak of their lives. They stretch their leafy branches towards the sun. The branches are full and heavy with leaves. Birds and other animals find home on those trees where they run, climb and jump. The trees take deep breathe and send their roots deeper towards the earth’s centre to make the fullest use of its properties.

The tree shivers in the shortening day
its leaves turn gold
the clouds pass
the seeds fall
the tree drops its coins of gold
and the days are rich
with the spending of leaves.

When the autumn begins, the days become shorter and the tree shivers in cold. Its leaves turns matured and golden. In the sky the clouds pass by. The seeds and the leaves fall like the ‘coins of gold’. This is as if the trees are very rich to spend so many gold leaves in a day.

Old branches ache
the tree stands naked in the storms
frozen bleak and bare
deep underground life lies sleeping
the tree sleeps
and waits for the returning sun
to wake him
from him woody dreams.

In Winter’s snow, frost and storm, the tree stands frozen, bleak and naked losing all its leaves. Its life still lies sleeping in the roots underground. Most remain covered under the snow. It waits for the first sun in spring to wake it up from its dream of growing into woods.

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