What is the theme and message of the poem ‘John Brown’?

QuestionsWhat is the theme and message of the poem ‘John Brown’?
Shimir Mishra asked 1 year ago

Write about the theme and the message delivered in the poem John Brown by Bob Dylan.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 1 year ago

‘John Brown’ is an anti-war lyric. It tells the story of an American mother who sends her son John Brown to war on some foreign land. The song follows the young soldier and his mother’s lives. The singer shows us the true fate of the American soldiers who are stationed in foreign countries for war. He also questions the very nature of war and shows us that there is no nobility in warfare, thereby strengthening the idea of pacifism.

So, the main theme of the poem has been the destruction and ill-effects of war on human life, and especially on the lives of the innocent soldiers. The poem also busts the myth of heroism and patriotism attached with warfare. Dylan Thomas strongly disapproves of any kinds of war and attempts to awaken the common people against the propaganda of war and bravery indoctrinated by warmongers.

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