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Why does Launcelot mention about Ash Wednesday and Black Monday in act 2 scene 5 of the play “The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare? What is its significance?

Last updated March 26, 2019

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Discuss the importance and role of Bassanio’s character in Shakespeare’s play Merchant of Venice. Also give a character sketch of Bassanio.

Last updated January 22, 2019

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What does Portia want in her famous speech of Mercy in Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice, Act-IV, Scene-1? Or, What does Portia think of the quality of mercy?

Last updated December 5, 2018

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When and why does Bassanio say, “If I could add a lie unto a fault, I would deny it” in Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice?

Last updated September 9, 2018

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Point out the similarities between Portia and Jessica in the play The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare

Last updated June 3, 2018

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In William Shakespeare’s play “Merchant of Venice”, how does Nerissa explain why Portia’s body is “aweary of this great world”? Where does happiness lie according to Nerissa?

Last updated December 31, 2017

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What line of reasoning is followed by the Prince of Arragon in making his choice of casket in the play The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare?

Last updated October 14, 2017

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In Act 1, Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice what bad qualities does Portia mention about the French Lord?

Last updated August 12, 2017

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Does the play Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare encourage religious tolerance and harmony among people with different faiths?

Last updated August 8, 2017

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What are the social elements revealed in William Shakespeare’s play ‘The Merchant of Venice’? or, Comment on the class and colour distinction as depicted in the play ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

Last updated July 24, 2017

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