How would you describe the speaker and his tone in Mending Wall?

QuestionsHow would you describe the speaker and his tone in Mending Wall?
sanchita asked 7 years ago

In Robert Frost’s poem Mending Wall, comment on the poet-speaker’s attitude and tone.

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Dhanshree Deshpande answered 5 years ago

The poet was of friendly nature and open minded, so he took the wall as barrier between friendship. He even tried to convince his neighbour about the ill-effects of wall in maintaining a healthy relationship.

His tone is pensive (sad) due to the wall. He is practical and wistful. He always talks about the importance of friendship.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The speaker in Robert Frost’s poem Mending Wall says it all from his point of view in a first-person dramatic narrative. We don’t hear a word directly from his supposed neighbour who is reported to say ‘Good fences make good neighbour’. The speaker in the poem seems to have a carefree attitude towards building a wall between neighbours, especially when there is no reason for that. He seems to have a radical mind as opposed to his neighbour’s ‘darkness’, i.e., inclination to old useless prejudices.
His tone is somewhat sarcastic when the speaker criticises his old neighbour for clinging to the traditional ideas and isolating himself from others physically and mentally.

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