Comment on the setting of the story “Salvatore”.

QuestionsComment on the setting of the story “Salvatore”.
Prajwalika asked 6 years ago

Write a note on the setting of William Somerset Maugham’s short story “Salvatore”.

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Staff answered 6 years ago

W. Somerset Maugham’s story “Salvatore” is set on the Italian Island of Capri in the first half of the Twentieth Century during the reign of King Victor Immanuel. Salvatore is the protagonist of the story, a boy of fifteen from the fishing community when the story begins. Salvatore then goes abroad for military service in the navy of King Victor Immanuel. But he comes back and settles on his homeland with his wife and two children when the story ends.
Though the writer doesn’t name the island directly, the mention of Grande Marina where Salvatore’s fiancée lived and the names of the Island of Ischia which Salvatore looked at every evening and Mount Vesuvius which looked pearly in the dawn suggest it to be Capri.
Through his storytelling, the narrator has also presented a picturesque landscape of the place where Salvatore lived. The sea, the beach, the jagged rocks, hot vineclad hill, silent paths through the mountains, the beauty of sunset at Ischia seen from Capri, the rowing boats, moon shining over the placid sea, lights of Naples twinkling in the distance — all adding to the landscape create the setting of the story.

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