How do you know that Salvatore was respectful towards women?

QuestionsHow do you know that Salvatore was respectful towards women?
easha tripathi asked 3 years ago

Comment on Savatore’s respectfulness towards women from W. Somerset Maugham’s short story “Salvatore’.

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Staff answered 3 years ago

Actually, in the text there is very little reference as to Salvatore’s respectfulness towards women. I only find some vague reference when the narrator says —

He knew very well that a girl could not afford to marry a man who might not be able to support her.

and another example when the narrator says regarding his relationship with Assunta —

He had the most beautiful manners I have ever seen in my life

In the first instance, Salvatore had respect for his fiancée’s decision not to marry him as he was suffering from rheumatism and would not be able to ‘work like a man again’. That was why he did not blame the girl.

In the second instance, the narrator talks about his generous nature and good manners in display when dealing with his family. In both cases, I would rather attribute these to his overall goodness of heart rather than his respect for women in particular.

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