The dolphins’ captivity shows them the importance of freedom. Explain.

QuestionsThe dolphins’ captivity shows them the importance of freedom. Explain.
Sneha shaw asked 2 years ago

What is more important in life — freedom or captivity? Explain this in the light of the dolphins’ captivity in the poem ‘The Dolphins’ by Carol Ann Duffy.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 2 years ago

The story of the captive dolphins in Duffy’s poem makes us ponder on the question — Which is more important in life, freedom or captivity? Certainly, the answer cannot go only one way here.

Freedom and captivity, both have their own role in life. Freedom is what everybody wants to enjoy in life. The dolphins too wish that they get their freedom of roaming about and playing in the large ocean. “We were blessed and now we are not blessed” reveals their regret and sorrow to live in a mere bowl and be guided by a man.

But, this is their captivity that makes them realise the importance of freedom. If they were not confined in where they are now, they would never know how it feels to be in captivity and how it is different from the life they had spent while living freely in the ocean. Thus it can be concluded that one should get and enjoy one’s freedom in life, but one should also know the importance of freedom in order to enjoy it fully.

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