Explain Longfellow’s religious ideology, referring to A Psalm of Life.

QuestionsExplain Longfellow’s religious ideology, referring to A Psalm of Life.
Jaweria Tabraiz asked 4 years ago

Comment on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s religious views with reference to the poem ‘A Psalm of Life’.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 4 years ago

As reflected in the poem, A Psalm of Life, Longfellow had faith in the existence of immortal soul. But he did not believe in the pessimistic attitude towards this earthly life. He believed that many things can be achieved in this life by hard work, effective utilization of our time and patience. This way we can help other people to cross this ocean of life by giving them courage and inspiration by setting examples before them. He thought that the Biblical teaching “Dust thou art, to dust thou returnest” was only spoken of the body and not the soul. He believed in work to make ourselves better with every passing day. So, to him religion was to work, to wisely use our time, to inspire others, to strive for betterment and to win this battle of life.

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