Picture of sea in the first eight lines of The Inchcape Rock

QuestionsPicture of sea in the first eight lines of The Inchcape Rock
shrutika gadhe asked 7 years ago

what picture of the sea does the poet describe in the first eight lines of Robert Frost’s poem The Inchcape Rock?

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Amu answered 7 years ago

In the beginning of the poem they show that the sea is calm and the environment is peaceful. The birds are chirping and the air and sea is still there is no sign of the inchcape rock as the water was still and no harsh actions had been taken place. Inshort the poem begins with a lot of relaxation and peace 

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Asmita answered 7 years ago

Initially the poem or the ballad starts with the pleasant weather which states that neither there was movement in the air nor the sea i.e. the air was in a normal speed and so the ships could easily go through the sea, its sails received no heavy blows of air and its keel was balanced . There was no harshness in the air is also proved with another example which also gives the readers an idea of what the bell actually meant for as it says that there was no sign of shock in the inchcape bell. Then later the movement of the waves is described beautifully and also tells us that the air was so stir and so were the waves that they couldn’t even moved the bell.

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