Discuss the nature of love portrayed in ‘Loving in Truth’.

QuestionsDiscuss the nature of love portrayed in ‘Loving in Truth’.
Zahin Abedin asked 2 years ago

What kind of love is portrayed in Sir Philip Sidney’s poem “Loving in Truth”?

Or, Discuss the nature of love the speaker presents in Sidney’s poem “Loving in Truth”.

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1 Answers
Staff answered 2 years ago

The love the speaker advocates in Sidney’s poem “Loving in Truth” is genuine and pure love. It’s a spontaneous feeling which comes from inside one’s heart. The love he talks about in the poem is not feigned or imitated, but certain and unconditional.

The kind of love portrayed here is mainly romantic love. We see that the speaker is passionately in love with his beloved lady. But she doesn’t reciprocate his love. That is why the speaker tries to express his pain in his verse, thinking that the lady might take some pity on him knowing his pain. But the speaker fails to find appropriate words to express his feelings. He vainly tries to borrow words from other poets’ works. And finally he realises that true poetic inspiration comes from the core of heart.

The poet here wants to convey the message that the expression of our feelings like love and pain should come spontaneously from inside the heart. Only then it can be true. The title of the sonnet “Loving in Truth” also adds to the same message that one’s feeling of love should be real or genuine.

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