A gorilla in a guest room - Gerald durrell with n'pongo

A Gorilla in the Guest Room

by Gerald Durrell

What is the moral of the story “A Gorilla in the Guest Room”?

QuestionsWhat is the moral of the story “A Gorilla in the Guest Room”?
Asra asked 4 years ago

What do you think is the author’s message in the story “A Gorilla in the Guest Room” by Gerald Durrell?

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2 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 4 years ago

Durrell’s story is actually a true autobiographical account of his relationship with a gorilla named N’pongo. If I really have to pinpoint a ‘moral’, it’s about the natural bond between men and animals. Humans can develop good relationships with animals and understand each other really well. Here, the narrator and the gorilla aren’t portrayed as pet and master. Rather, they know and understand each other like brothers and friends.

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Param answered 9 months ago

Gerald Durrel’s “A Gorilla in the guest room” is a lucid, and humorous story of the relationship between Animals and Humans. The description of his bond with N’pongo is the moral.

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