If Thou Must Love Me

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

What message do you get from If Thou Must Love Me?

QuestionsWhat message do you get from If Thou Must Love Me?
neha asked 6 years ago

Is there a message that the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning delivers through her poem If Thou Must Love Me?

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1 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 6 years ago

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem ‘If Thou Must Love Me’ is a sonnet dealing with its typical subject of love. So, it’s all about the poet’s thoughts, feelings and expectations from her relationship with the lover. So, this does not really deliver a ‘message’ in the conventional sense.

But yes, it is always possible to draw out a learning or message from a poem. This poem teaches us that love should be genuine, sincere, unconditional and eternal. It also indicates to the theme of gender equality where a woman is demanding unconditional love from her lover in a patriarchal society.

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