Imagine you were in Mr. Oliver’s place. How would you react?

QuestionsImagine you were in Mr. Oliver’s place. How would you react?
Akash asked 6 years ago

How would you react if you were in Mr. Oliver’s place in Ruskin Bond’s short story “A Face in the Dark”?

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3 Answers
Staff answered 5 years ago

This is hard to say exactly how one would react until and unless one faces a particular situation in reality. But personally I feel I would gather some courage as I must be very close to the school by then. After discovering the featureless face of the watchman I would give a strong punch to the watchman’s face to push him out from my way and start running at the top speed towards the school again shouting for others to come out, and then, go and inspect the place of the occurrence with others.

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Neil Surati answered 4 years ago

If I were in place of Mr Oliver from “A Face in the Dark”, I wouldn’t have even taken the forest path in the beginning!

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Archita answered 3 years ago

First of all i will not choose the forest road. But if I am already in that situation then the best is not to talk to anyone in the lonely road who was crying or doing anything else.

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