How does the retired professor describe his current position?

QuestionsHow does the retired professor describe his current position?
Dharshini asked 4 weeks ago

How does the professor describe his present situation in life in Nissim Ezekiel’s poem “The Professor”?

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Staff answered 4 weeks ago

The retired professor describes his current position as one of attainment and relative well-being. He mentions that despite being retired, his health is good. Though he has the usual aches and pains due to the old age, he is happy that he has not suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart attack which are very common for the Indians.

I am retired, though my health is good.

The professor expresses contentment for his children’s success and is happy his grandchildren. He emphasizes that his children are well settled in life, holding respectable positions such as Sales Manager and Bank Manager, and mentions that both of them own cars. While acknowledging that one of his children may not be as successful as the others, he humorously remarks that every family must have a “black sheep.” He even doesn’t forget to mention that his daughters, Sarala and Tarala are married to nice boys.

By God’s grace, all my children
Are well settled in life.

Overall, he conveys a sense of satisfaction with his family’s achievements and his own health, despite the natural limitations that come with old age.

Thus, in the poem “The Professor” Ezekiel captures the essence of everyday existence and the universal experiences of aging, familial bonds and simple joys of life.

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