Give Character Sketch of Mr. Easton in "Hearts and Hands".

QuestionsGive Character Sketch of Mr. Easton in "Hearts and Hands".
Adele Davis asked 6 years ago

Write a character sketch of the character Mr. Easton in O. Henry’s story “Hearts and Hands”.

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Staff answered 6 years ago

In O. Henry’s short story “Hearts and Hands”, Mr. Easton is presented as a handsome young man with a bold and frank manner. He previously used to live in Washington but later shifted to the West for a better way of living. But in pursuit of more money, he indulged himself in some criminal activities. Now he was being taken to the Leavenworth prison for seven years of imprisonment for counterfeiting. So, it is evident that he is quite ambitious and reckless. Like Miss Fairchild, he is also unwise and at a moral corruption, ready to do anything to earn more money.

you know it takes money to keep steps with our crowd in Washington.

On the other hand, we see a positive side of his character too in the form of the frankness in his behaviour. Though he was a bit embarrassed to be handcuffed in front of his old friend, he was probably

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going to tell Ms. Fairchild the truth when the marshal saved him from embarrassment by telling a lie. Mr. Easton was also clear in stating that he was not going to return to Washington very soon and his ‘butterfly days’ were probably over. He probably wanted to give Ms. Fairchild some hints about the truth. If that is true, it indicates to the essential goodness of his heart.

Mr. Easton is quite frank in expressing his disinterest in continuing a relationship with Miss Fairchild as she was interested in an ambassador in Washington. This indicates to his disliking of her shifting interest.

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