Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

by Robert Frost

What are the Adjectives used for the woods in Stopping by Woods? Why?

QuestionsWhat are the Adjectives used for the woods in Stopping by Woods? Why?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

What adjectives does the poet use to describe the woods in Robert Frost’s poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’? What’s the motive behind using those? Or, Why does the poet use ‘Lovely, dark and deep’ to describe the woods?

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4 Answers
Abhishek Tirunagri answered 4 years ago

The poet Robert Frost uses some adjectives to describe the snow filled woods he sees in the ‘darkest evening of the Year’. The adjectives mentioned here are lovely, dark and deep. The adjective ‘lovely’ means that the woods were good to look at. The poet felt enthusiastic and energetic by seeing this lovely woods covered with snow. Secondly the adjective ‘dark’ means that the woods are mysterious and at last the adjective ‘deep’ means that the Woods had a great density and anybody could easily be ‘lost’ there.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 5 years ago

The poet has used three adjectives to describe the woods. The woods were ‘lovely, dark and deep’.

It was the whole atmosphere comprising of the beauty of the woods on a snowy evening, the darkness, the depth or density of the woods and the silence of the place that might actually hold the poet spellbound. He has used the adjectives to express his admiration of the woods. He has been able to create a strangely charming atmosphere through the use of those three adjectives.

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Tj answered 4 years ago

Here the poet uses three adjectives to describe the woods (woods are used to symbolize the distractions that we face while on the journey of our life)
Lovely– He says that the woods are beautiful to look at
Dark– symbolized for mysterious
Deep– means that he finds the woods tempting and wishes to look at them and enjoy longer

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Yuvraj Singh answered 4 years ago

Every stanza in this poem has a symbolic meaning and the adjectives used by the poet to describe the woods have a dense meaning . He says that the woods are lovely,dark and deep which simply can mean that the woods were beautiful but the hidden meaning to the word lovely is ‘ desirable things that a person wants ‘ ; dark means ‘ can be bad ‘ and deep word describes that the ‘ desirable things attracts a person towards them and he gets lost in their beauty ‘. Then in the next line the poet says that he has promises to keep where he tells us how he has to leave his desires and complete his work ( I am using the word work because it can take the place of all the other adjective that can be used here ) ……….

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