A Psalm of Life – Optimistic or Pessimistic?

QuestionsA Psalm of Life – Optimistic or Pessimistic?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem ‘A Psalm of Life’ tells of death and brevity of life. Would you say the tone of poem is pessimistic or not? Give reasons.

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1 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 4 years ago

The poet has mentioned that this life is very short, but that is not melancholic. That is to intensify the urge in us to work without wasting our precious time. So, the poem is not pessimistic in its tone. Rather, the poet has slammed the pessimists who sing melancholy songs, write sad poems, or thinks that nothing can be achieved in this life.

In short, the poem ‘A Psalm of Life’ delivers an optimistic outlook on life.

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