TEST: Phrasal Verbs / Group Verbs / Prepositions

There may be single / multiple correct answers. Choose all correct answers to score full marks.

1. A phrasal verb or group verb is


2. Fill in the blanks with the correct alternatives.
The child was brought ____________ by its aunt.


3. The result will be brought _______________ by next Friday.


4. The fire broke __________ in the neighbouring area.


5. The robbers broke _____________ the protected area.


6. We cannot bear __________ such an insult.


7. I cannot call _____________ his name.


8. The workers were asking ________ their wages.


9. He’s planning to call __________ his friends in Delhi next week.


10. The girl broke _______________ into tears.


11. Please call ________ a doctor immediately.


12. We must carry __________ our plans to succeed in this project.


13. We came ____________ a strange man on our way home from school.


14. The man came _______ a very poor family.


15. The Government should consider cutting ___________ the price of oil.


16. Hopefully she will come __________ in a few days.


17. William Bentinck helped in doing away _________ the inhuman practice of Sati.


18. The reports call _________ immediate measures for protecting wild life.


19. The two ladies fall _________ every other day.


20. Our last project fell ____________ due to lack of money.


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