Englicist Forum Policy

At Englicist we are glad to help you with a Q&A Forum to solve your questions on English literature and language. But to maintain the healthy and non-spammy atmosphere at the forum and to protect ourselves from legal complicacy we have a forum policy in place. By submitting your question or answer in the forum you accept the following policies.


  1.  You must use your real name and email to ask a question or to submit an  answer.
  2. Your question must be unique. If a similar question already exists in the forum, your question will not be entertained. So search the site before asking a question.
  3. Your question or answer must be relevant to a text or a topic of English literature or language.
  4. We may not accept a question that is visibly silly or the answer is too easy or too short, or if it does not add value to the forum.
  5. For unregistered/guest users questions will be published only after passing our quality check. It may take a few minutes to a few days.
  6. We don’t guarantee an answer or a timely answer for any question from guest users.
  7. The questions and answers available in our forum are solely for informational purpose and to help the students in understanding the ideas. In no way, we encourage copying or taking unfair means in exams.
  8. We don’t provide any guarantee or warranty regarding the correctness, accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered on this website for any particular purpose.
  9. We reserve every right to edit, modify, disapprove or delete any question or answer at our own discretion without citing any reason and without notice.
  10. We reserve every right to change, modify, add, remove or alter our policies at any time without prior notice.

If you have any question regarding this policy, please contact us at contact@englicist.com.